You might not know anything about electricity…

…but you know it’s nearly impossible to operate without it.

But here’s the thing about bills…

There are endless opportunities to find ways to reduce them. And there are many tactics available to increase your income too.

It’s up to you to be courious enough to squeeze out the potential.

 Two Steps to Increase Your Profits

Step 1 – You can create a housing offering by bundling electricity with your property. You’ll essentially tack on a flat rate on your tenant’s  monthly rent. This “service” adds value to any rental and gives you a reason to include a service fee.

Step 2 – You now add a device that reduces your electric bill so you can widen your profit margin. After all, you want to pay your utility company less than the flat rate you estimated in Step 1.

A Cheap Way to Convert Sunlight into Energy Credits

As the above graphic shows, you can hook up a solar panel to a device that called an inverter. The inverter modifies the power so it can be feed into your rental’s electrical system. Doing this will off set the power that you get from your utility company.

All of this simply means:

You won’t need to buy as much power and your monthly bill will be less.



The key to making this happen is to think about what you’re operating during the day, when the sun is up. Since this process doesn’t involve an expensive battery, you need to use the power as you generate it.

Also, you’ll need to understand you won’t sell any excess power that you might create. You’re only trying to use your solar power in real time.