It’s time to rethink the concept of “FREE”

I used to only define FREE to mean… I don’t have to pay for it.

Now I define it as… this thing doesn’t cost me anything.


Follow me here.

This is a big thought.

Sometimes you can pay money for something, and it works out to be FREE.

If you hired someone to work on a money-making task, and they do the work that actually puts money into your bank account, then their work is effectively free to you.

That’s probably easy to understand.

The hard part is finding the money-making task and managing the worker.


As you may have heard, I launched a new workbook for extended stay rentals.
It includes a calendar of money-making tasks that my virtual assistant can work on.

I’m pleased to report that the additional income barely covers my assistant’s costs!

That’s a win in my book. That’s FREE help.

Effectively Free equals Free!

But effectively free is a really big deal in my life.

Now my extended stay rental business is really becoming a true lifestyle business.


If you know how to make money, then:

1 – Draw up some flowcharts
2 – Write down your procedures
3 – Hire an assistant to do the work

If you don’t know how to make money, then let me help you.

Shoot me an email:

Let’s schedule a 15 minute phone call and let’s look at your potential to duplicate my extended stay rental business.