Imagine you’ve just hit the jackpot.

The bells ring and siren goes off… but you just walk away.

You didn’t claim your winnings because you didn’t know YOU won.

But it’s not your fault… No one taught you how to play the game.

So here’s what you do. It’s an easy game once you know how to play.

When the reels line up… that’s the right combination… the conditions are perfect… you win!

The Real Estate Cashflow Jackpot

When it comes to real estate, when the right conditions line up, you’ve hit the jackpot.

But it gets better because, even if you don’t invest a dime, you can collect a lot of cashflow.

You just need to scoop up the money once you spot the right conditions.

Here’s What To Look For

A jackpot is yours when you see these signs:

  • You see a mostly full parking lot at your local extended stay hotel
  • You find someone trying to rent a house or apartment
  • One of your friends gets a new job.

Let me quickly explain…



1st Sign: A Mostly Full Parking Lot  

If your town has hotels with kitchenettes, then that’s a wonderful sign.

This means people are coming to your area and want a place to stay for a month or longer. They might be waiting for their new home to be built, or working on an extended work assignment, or helping a loved one recover from a medical procedure.

To tell how strong the demand is, all you need to do is drive the parking lot around 9 pm.

If it’s mostly full, then you have plenty of potential customers for an extended stay rental business.

Now, go to look for the second sign.

2nd Sign: A Vacant Rental

A landlord who has a vacancy is losing money. They are feeling some financial pain.

Their expenses continue whether they have a tenant in place or not.

They want someone who is reliable to contact them, give them a check each month, and care for their rental.

When you explain the benefits of letting you rent their place (I’ve got some scripts to help you do this), the landlord will be thrilled. They’ll understand that you’ve got to keep their rental clean and in good working order.

They will understand that you’re the tenant of their dreams and they’ll welcome your extended stay rental business. 

OK, now keep an eye out for the three sign.

 3rd Sign: A Linkedin Notification

If you have a Linkedin account, you’ll receive notice when one of your friends brags about their new job.

This means, most likely, your friend’s has a new IRA account that they don’t know what to do with.

You can help them grow their retirement account by borrowing a small portion to fund your extended stay rental business. You’ll offer to pay them back with interest – of course (NOTE: I’ll coach you through the details when you’re ready).

You’re essentially going to a small part of the jackpot with them. How cool is that?!


How to Collect Your Winnings

When you get a Linkedin notification it’s time to act. 

You’ve hit the jackpot!!! Time to take action.

You already know that your local extended stay hotel is packed to the brim.  

You already know you can always find a house or apartment to rent on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Zillow.

So, all you need to do is congratulate your friend and offer to help them grow their new IRA. Then…

BAM! You’re set to help your friend, help a landlord, help a traveler and help your family and yourself. Wow!

You’ve just release a huge money making machine that going to help you relax about money and help you reach your financial goals. How are you going to use you new monthly income?

You’re probably asking, ” Al, is it’s really that easy?”

And the answer is “Yes”.

Thousands of dollars are yours because you saw that conditions were right!


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