Yes, landlords sure can save the world, especially if their rentals are in troubled communities.
I have come to understand that the worse off your neighborhood is, the more it relies on you to lead. It needs an advocate. But don’t get bummed by the responsibility. This is actually great news.
You see a neighborhood’s reputation can pull down property values like heavy cargo sinks a ship. You can easily do something about it.
You can get in the business of unloading the “cargo” and restoring the neighborhood’s reputation and, by owning rentals, be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

The Leading Landlord Principle

The figure above illustrates the Leading Landlord Principle. It shows that a landlord’s influence is proportional to the burden on property values. In other words, a landlord’s ability to improve their block is greatest when a neighborhood’s reputation is at its worse.
You, as an inner city landlord, can do a lot of good and make a lot of money IF you choose to weld your influence wisely.
As your neighborhood improves, you will capture the “restored” equity you helped to create.
In other words, you’re financially compensated for the social good you create – possibly more than anyone else. Sound like a cool and sustainable way to grow rich?

Can a Landlord Make a Difference?

Yes! Yes! YES! However you need to know what steps to take.
This is the beginning of a three-part series. My goal is to outline an action plan that you can use.
Hopefully by the end, you’ll want to join the revolution and save the world around your rentals.
Up next, I’ll show you behind the curtain. You’ll have a real advantage once you better understand how to use your influence.