What do you get when you cross a a landlord with a police officer

landlord police partnership neighborhood develoment

Add some music

music adds neighborhood development

Blend in some food

food aids neighborhood development

Pass out homemade ice cream sandwiches




Hold a jump rope contest

jump rope contest aids neighborhood development

Get some laughs


Mix in a dance instructor

dance aids neighborhood development

(And get your teenage daughter to dance with you and your wife)?


You get a crime-proofed neighborhood where honorable people want to live.

And the supply-demand curve works in the landlord’s favor.

Learn the whole strategy and get the same result.

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Keeping your front yard groomed is one step in neighborhood development… but you can be way more effective.

Working beyond your rental’s property line is where the action is.

Providing a little leadership and organizing inexpensive activities is the fastest and cheapest way to increase demand for your rental property.

Imagine spearheading or supporting an annual gathering in front of your rental? You need not throw a National Night Out party as elaborate as our… just do something.

It doesn’t take a lot of money; it does take a lot of heart!

You’ll be amazed at how happy people are just to a skip rope and toss water balloons with their neighbors. It gives them a fresh reason to connect.

A New Type of Neighborhood Development

Neighborhood development doesn’t have to be a fuzzy thing that only non-profits take on. Landlords can drive the process with freeze dances and relay races.

When you think about it, in the form of higher rents and happier tenants, landlords are paid for their community service. Imagine that!

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