BP PodcastDid you catch my interview with Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner, the Dynamic Duo at BiggerPockets? Click HERE to hear it.


The Back Story
I had just received comments from my editor on my eBook and was starting to get serious about marketing when I got an email from Brandon. He invited me to be a guest on their podcast which currently ranks in the top 20 of all business podcasts. This was a new author’s dream come true!


But My Book Wasn’t Quite Ready…
I still needed to clean up the graphics, determine how to work with Amazon, and create a new website (plus get an apartment ready for a move in). So I was stressed, but I sure wasn’t going to take a pass.


I only had seven days to get everything done, so I worked around the clock. Whew…what a week! Needless to say I got it all done … but just barely.


Send BP Some Love
 The podcast helped a lot of people find out about the Leading Landlord Blog and I really appreciate the exposure. So please do me a favor and leave a comment on iTunes after you’ve listen to the episode. Doing so will help BiggerPockets rank higher and they really deserve high marks.