Angela’s Rental Arbitrage Success Story

Angela had a great education and a wonderful job…

…but she wasn’t headed towards financial freedom.

She wanted to retire early.

So Angela went in searched of a solution.

She check out my YouTube channel, checked out this blog, and found that I wasn’t an overnight guru.

She invested in my coaching and training program, Extended Stay for Landlords, and here’s what she has to say:


If you’d like to get started with short-term rentals and you’re looking for a tax-efficient and sustainable way to do the business, then we should talk.

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  1. Angela Thomas

    Hi, AL my name is Angela and I would like to learn more about your program as a corporate landlord. I have property in Charlotte, NC. My property i’s located approximately 3 miles from downtown Charlotte, close to all medical facilities, convenient to all major interstate’s and all transportation. I look forward to learning more about how to gain extra income renting to corporate rentals for temporary housing. Thank you

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