Airbnb Expert Tells New Host Why They Won’t Get Great Reviews

living room airbnb expert

I flew out to Oklahoma City to sit down with the Savvy Landlord himself, Steven VanCauwenbergh.

Steven FINALLY set up a sort-term rental (after years of me pushing and nagging) and I wanted to check it out.

He recognizes the internet has changed our industry. Now days, it’s wise to own at least one furnished rental.

Beautiful Isn’t Good Enough

Steven’s condo was flat out gorgeous.

Color coordinated, Martha Stewart-ish, and all that.

But he still may not have earned good reviews.


He overlooked things that would have disappointed out-of-town visitors.

In Your Face

I didn’t hold back and that’s what makes this interview fun.

I told Steven exactly WHAT and WHERE his problems were.

Click the “play” button to listen to our discussion.

Some Pointers

No doubt about it, his condo has 5-Star potential; only a few tweaks are needed:


1. Place a surge protector near the bed so guests can charge their phones.

2. Add photo-sensitive LED night lights so guests won’t stumble in the dark.

3. Increase clearance between furnishings

PLUS 17 other tips!

Look Like an Airbnb Expert

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