Aren’t these some crazy times?

What worked well just a few months ago isn’t working now. 

If you relied on Airbnb to keep your short-term rental filled you’re probably rethinking that.

A better plan is to the know how to fill your short-term rental on demand. This means the fate of your business will be in your hands. No longer will you need to depend on another business for your livelihood.

Best Non-Airbnb Marketing Practices for Short-Term Rentals

I don’t know about you, but I find that It’s nearly impossible to brainstorm when your rental is empty and your bill box is full.

It’s best to have a Vacancy Reduction Plan in place before you need it.

To get you started,check out these  tactics I’ve found to be effective during the COVID crisis.

1 – A good old fashion “for rent” sign but for a furnished rental. Posters can also be effective.

2 – Incorporate your rental into a fundraiser for a sympathetic figure. This is a way to get a paying occupant even if your market is completely dead.

3 – Use Facebook Marketplace to get in front of locals looking for furnished housing.

4 – Use social media to encourage your private network (family and friends) to refer customers to you in exchange for a referral fee.

5 – Use a one-page website to keep inquirers from stubbing onto better offers while booking with you. You can actually use people’s short attention spans to your advantage. 

6 – Use a syndication service to blast out your listing to popular long-term furnished rental websites.This is a place of safety so prevent you from taking unnecessary losses because you’ve accepted a vacancy.

7 – Don’t forget Craigslist, but add a modern twist to it to boost credibility. Try to dominate the subcategories of this well known site and serve the under-served.

8 – Check your headlines and descriptions to make sure they are doing their jobs. Assembling a compelling listing is more important than ever. If your listing doesn’t address that we are in a global pandemic you may be wasting your time.

9 –  Market to healthcare heroes. They need housing and so do medical students and families supporting loved-ones undergoing medical treatments.

A New Door Is Opening

Business travel and tourism have declined but there are still plenty of opportunities. 

If you really want to become a better marketer for your short-term rental business, check out my training program Marketing School for Extended Stays at