We are in the mist of the $100 per month expense reduction challenge. I’m hanging SPUERS~1my creative problem solving credentials on the fact that I can figure out how to shave $100 off my month expenses without creating more work for myself.

“Everything is Figureoutable” – Marie Forleo

To get straight to the point, I went after some low hanging fruit and asked my tenants to kick in $10/unit to defray Wi-Fi expenses (which they use on a complimentary basis). I got two pledges, so that saves me $20 on this $71 expense. Okay, now I’ve got $80 more savings to find.

Here’s the current list of expense reduction ideas you might try.

Expense Reduction Challenge

How about you? Are you looking at your own holdings and trying to find savings? I’m calling you out – I dare you to join the crusade.

It’s a big deal! If you save $100 per month ($1,200 per year) that equates to $12,000 of equity (assuming a 10% capitalization rate). So that’s what I’m talking about…$12,000.

$20 Home Depot Gift Card

I’m offering a $20 Home Depot card to the first 10 subscribers that save the equivalent of $100/month on one of their rentals and can produce supporting documentation.

Are you up for the challenge? Leave a comment below and let me know you’re in.