curb appeal makes big differenceYour rental’s curb appeal won’t cut you a check.

But it certainly does put money in your pocket.

If you’re a landlord, and you want to increase profitability and make your block safer, then should you should begin a curb appeal project.


Because it’s the next step in leading a campaign where landlords can win big!

Does Your Curb Appeal Pay Rent?

Yes, curb appeal “pays rent” by:

1. Making you feel great.

Your rentals are a physical representation of you. When they look great, you feel great.

2. Giving you an edge over default landlords.

Default landlord rest on their laurels as long as they receive rent. They think sending a gardener to blow and go is good enough. It’s easy to take the lead.

3. Making your property safer.

Just as neglected maintenance encourages crime (Broken Windows Theory) the opposite is true as well. Constantly improving curb appeal wards off crime and makes your rental safer.

4. Taking the sting out of rent increases.

It’s never fun to raise rents. But if you have
invested in curb appeal projects, it is easier for a resident to rationalize that her landlord “deserves” a raise.

5. Making your rental appraise higher.

Landlords should want to impress appraisers and potential buyers.   Keeping your property market-ready helps landlords qualify for higher credit lines, recruit investors, and/or attract more buyers.

6. Making potential tenants pay attention.

These days, properties have to look great on
Craigslist to catch better renters. Keep advancing your curb appeal and enjoy faster lease up rates.

7. Helping with tenant retention.

When your existing tenants see your incremental improvements, they won’t want to move.

8. Inspiring a waiting list. 

Great curb appeal helps you create a list of people wanting to move in. That would nearly eliminate your vacancies and put you on Easy Street.

9. Encouraging neighbors to spruce up.

It’s human nature to want to do better when you see others doing better. Make this trait work in your favor and inspire chain-reactions of curb appeal for your block.

10. Giving the “all clear” signal.

Some people are waiting for a leader.  By painting your building’s exterior or launching into a landscaping project you are proclaiming that your neighborhood is on the rise. You’re expressing optimism. And in doing so, your block will become more orderly.

Are you ready to take a fresh look at your potential to influence your neighborhood?

I sure hope so.

To understand to full “science” behind what you, as a landlord, can do to improve their community, check out How to Build Wealth with Inner City Rentals.


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