Niche Rentals - v2

Add $2,000 to $5,000 to Your Rental Income!

Do something about your rental's cash flow


What are Niche Rentals?

Are you a landlord or aspiring landlord?

Are you interested in growing your passive income? 

Yes, then let me ask you a question… 

Are you able to maintain your rental AND save for future repairs AND put money in your pocket? 

Hmmm probably not ... but that's really not your fault…  

Market rate rents are to blame.

They limit the amount even the most skilled landlord can make. But there’s an easy fix... 

If you want bigger profits you just need to serve more profitable markets. 

Simple. Focus on markets that have larger profit margins.  

 And to make that move, you just need to change how you operate.  

There are at least 5 ways to operate your rental: traditional, furnished, dormitory, short-term, and corporate housing. 

And traditional landlording is the least profitable option. 

Niche Rentals is an interactive training and coaching program that helps you find a profitable niche.

This program is a path you can take to start earning $2,000 - $5,000 more with your rentals. 

Are you ready?

Now you might be wondering, "Is Niche Rentals right for me?"

If you can say "YES" to any of these questions...

...I believe you're PERFECT for Niche Rentals 

  •  Want to earn more passive income so you can quit your job? You'll be able to if you operate short-term rentals that generate 2 to 5 times more than normal rentals. Niche Rentals is PERFECT for you. 
  •  Struggling to have money left over after paying all your rental expenses? That will change once you start housing business travelers who are able to pay hotel rates. Niche Rentals is PERFECT for you. 
  •  Having trouble saving for a down payment to buy rentals? You'll be able to create passive income just by controlling rentals... you don't need to own them. Niche Rentals is PERFECT for you. 
  •  Want to use your multifamily's full earning potential? Use a short-term rental to attract business travelers, uncover local trends, and secure long-term corporate tenants. Niche Rentals is PERFECT for you. 

"My Business Took Off!"


 Achieving your financial freedom with only a few rentals 

Not worrying about unexpected repairs because you can afford to hire skilled professionals 

Serving business travelers who happily pay premium rates to stay for months at a time

Feeling like you're finally getting ahead of your bills

That's What A Niche Rental Can Do For You!

Meet Your Instructor

Al Williamson is the thought leader behind Over the past 20 years, he has owned traditional rentals, group homes, a private dormitory, short-term rentals, and corporate housing units. Al's innovations have multiplied his profits and the profits of many other landlords as well.

He has used this system to achieve financial freedom. Now he is ready to help you. Are you ready?

"240% ROI in the first year!"

What's inside the course?


Strategy Guide - Understand how to capture a section of the growing business travel industry. See the big picture and your opportunity. Learn pricing strategies that minimize vacancies and maximize revenue. ($80 Value)

☛ Overview of Airbnb and Short-Term Rental Industry - Understand your business’ place in the collaborative economy. Provide specialized housing services that are much more profitable than landlording. ($85 Value)

Short-Term Rental Workbook - Save time using our welcome letter, information guide and other quick-start templates. Quickly set up in a user-focused way. Eliminate calls for service. WARNING: Don't operate like home sharers; you are running a business not a hobby. ($85 Value)

Video Tour of Start Up Rental - See how to set up so your guests check themselves in and feel like they belong. ($50 Value)

1-Year of Email Support - Receive quick answers to your start up questions. Skip the frustration and time that comes with learning something new. ($125 Value)

☛ 1-Hr Phone Consultation - Get answers and insights directly from Al. Breakthrough any startup obstacle you might be facing. Start making money fast. ($350 Value)

Predict Your Profitability - Understand what range of income you can expect. Gauge how your local market will embrace you. ($50 Value)

☛ 15 Detailed Lessons – Adopt the right mindset to be a profitable short-term rental provider. Learn Internet marketing techniques that attract the most profitable guests. Get clear on which landlord practices are harmful to your short-term rental business. Learn the 4 reasons to reject guests. ($150 Value)

☛ Ongoing Education - Receive new lessons and modules by email so you expand your understanding. Stay one step ahead of the competition. ($150 Value)

☛ Private Dormitory Business Plan - Shows you how to house people with similar needs in a way that helps them yet doubles your income. This plan works in both lower and high income neighborhoods. ( $350 Value)

☛ Traveling Nurse Module - Step-by-step instructions on attracting and housing traveling nurses with hotel-size allowances. (Insights based on in-depth interviews with travel nurses). ($350 Value)

Secret Lead Generation Strategy - Detailed instructions on how to keep your rental filled by syncing >30 marketing websites together. Don't rely on just one website. Some customers say this lead-generating, vacancy-reducing module is worth more than the cost of the entire course. ($500 Value)

☛ Corporate Housing - Overview this business model and spot the sneaky little profit centers that you can use to increase your bottom line. ($85 Value)  

☛ 4 Group Coaching Calls - Refine your ideas and exchange money-making secrets with peers from all over the world. Get their opinions and build relationships for ongoing success. ($500 Value)

☛ Private 1:1 Consultations - Get direct access to Al as your personal coach - leverage his years of experience and professional network. He'll help you secure your most profitable niche. This is for VIP Insiders only ($2,500 Value)

☛ [NEW] Rental Arbitrage - Know exactly what to say to persuade skeptical owners to allow you to sublease. Get templates and an example website so you can run a short-term rental business without owning any rentals. This module gives you a "blueprint." It also includes in-depth interviews with arbitrage operators. ($2,500 Value)

Plans & Pricing


100% Risk Free: If you try Niche Rentals today, you get all the bonuses... and you have 30 days to try it all out. If you don't like it, email within 30 days and get 100% of your money back.

"I'm so thankful!"



"Al offers a course that can help you think outside the box when it comes to rentals. His course is concise and avoids the wordiness many courses use to make them think you’re getting a lot for your money; it gets to the point, so you can start working on your business! I especially appreciate his prompt replies to my questions. He is forthright and honest, so that you can feel good about your decisions regarding your rentals." - Lisa


"When Al Williamson first told me years ago that I could make 3X the profit on furnished rentals, I thought he was a little out there. When I did it myself over and over, I became a true believer! Recently bought the Airbnb for Landlords course to improve my business more. Probably would have made another $100K if I would have listened to him a few years back! Thanks Al." - J. Martin


"I have been a landlord for over 17 years and had never bought a course before now. Al helped me fine tune my description, made suggestions to my house rules and answered any questions. He helped me start going after business travelers, which has made me more profitable. In the first 30 days my new Airbnb unit was on the market, I had 5 bookings for a total of 16 days of rent. Well worth the initial investment. Al is a great asset to have on your side. If you are considering dipping your toe into the Airbnb or VRBO market, you have to get this course." - Tim


Bud and Peggy

"We placed a dummy ad to see if your Airbnb would get interest in my smaller town. We immediately started getting multiple reservation requests! I sort of panicked took a breath and said… OK I bought Al’s course now let’s get MOVING. The communication is great …. when we need help we always get it! Quick and easy via email LOVE it. Turned a problem house that rented for $850 into a charming house that brings in $2,100 per month!" - Bud & Peggy



"When I attended the Landlord’s conference in St Louis, after years in the landlording business, I was pretty sure I knew about everything there is to being a landlord. When I saw Al was going to talk about Airbnb for landlords, I wasn’t sure what it was about! Truthfully, I figured it was a “California” thing, probably not for the down-home Kansas crowd. 

After his presentation, I knew I had to buy the materials and get in on something that really was a new idea for me. 

I contacted Al and he “held my hand” through the process of logging in, setting up my site, adding pictures for place holders – Al looked at my work, gave me good advice on how to improve and add new details. Photos and descriptions were a challenge, and I didn’t have much confidence in myself or my product. Al cheered me on and I kept working at it. I actually got my first reservation that same day that I uploaded the site. 

So far I’ve earned enough money to reinvest in my cabin/bunkhouse with replacement carpeting in one of the bedrooms. All this is thanks to Al, his patience and guidance were so appreciated." - Connie

Plans & Pricing


100% Risk Free: If you try Niche Rentals today, you get all the bonuses... and you have 30 days to try it all out and start making money. If you don't like it, email within 30 days and get 100% of your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are some examples of niches? 

A1: Housing for airline pilots, trade school students, cruise ship staff, festival actors, etc. 


Q2: How do short-term rentals help you find your niche? 

A2: They give you the ability to discover groups of travelers looking for housing. 


Q3: Is there a payment plan? 

A3: Contact Al at to make arrangements.