5 Essentials for Profitable Innercity Investments

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Every innercity investment should be measured against five metrics to evaluate its post-transformation potential.  The standard “buy low and sell high”, “make your profit when you buy”, and other wise rules of thumb still apply, but the metrics described below account for the unique challenges … Continued

Lessons from a Designing Landlord

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Mr. Tony Valentine is a landlord is an Innercity Landlord whose style I admire.  His mixed-unit  three-unit building has different color walls and coördinated accents that give the distinct impression they were skillfully selected.  Carefully crafted interiors and exteriors wake people up.  They … Continued

Incremental Improvements

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Here I am again trying to decide how best to improve the property with limited funds.  I’ve had my heart set on landscaping the front yard, but I’m getting too many reports of an increasing number of people figuring out … Continued

Why Tolerate a Bad Apple

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It used to be like the movie “New Jack City.” A powerful and dangerous individual, a dictator of sorts, would take over a neighborhood and embarrass community leaders thus undermining their authority. These individuals would then terrorize the vulnerable residents … Continued

Honorable Intensions

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Please join me as I attempt to assemble a body of knowledge to help inner city landlords deal with drug dealer, prostitutes, litter, crime, and other issues unique to inner cities.  My intentions are to document my lessons learned and interview … Continued