Let’s continue the discussion on become a PM Investor.

A “PM investor” spends money on a frequent basis to save larger amounts of money annually.

It’s may cost a little extra to eat healthy but doing so prevent extremely expensive health conditions that r tax your quality of life.

The financial PROS far exceed the financial CONS but you won’t notice unless you look a the full picture.

You rental has a digestive track. And just like a cleanse is good for your body, it’s good for your rental as well.

Here are three way to proactively cleansing your rental’s drain and sewer lines so you never have to call a plumber again.

Keep Washing Machine Drains Flowing

If you have a coin op laundry machine on your property, then ad a bit of drain opener on a monthly basis. Just pour in a does as religious. This will prevent a plumber from having to snake your line every two years. This will prevent your line from choking with build up and backflowing into your laundry room.

Here’s the drain opener that I use.  https://amzn.to/2ZtkQfI

Preventing soap build up is 100% doable. So if I may be blunt, if you have to call a plumber to unclog your washing machine discharge line, then it’s your fault.

Stop Feeding Trees

If your sewer line runs past trees, then you can bet the tree’s roots have found that rich source of nutrients. The roots’ full time job is to find cracks in the line, work their way into the pipe.

Tree root do not like copper sulfate. Therefore, you should dose your lines with copper sulfate on a regular basis.

The active ingredient, copper, is contained in many brands. Here’s the product that I used.

The brand is not important, what’s important is to remember to toss a dose on a routine basis. https://amzn.to/2rwWQvA

Keep Drains Unclogged

Grease, food, hair and normal human waste lead to kitchen and bathroom clogs. Green Gobbler is an environmentally-friendly drain opener that you can get at any Home Depot store.

You should reach for Green Gobbler at first signs of a clog. More specifically, I recommend you use the powder version of Green Gobbler on a routine basis before any sign of a clog. Use the liquid version of Green Gobbler when you have a blockage that needs immediate work.

And this gets better, since Green Gobbler is safe to use without gloves… your tenants can safely use the product without your supervision. So, It behooves you to make sure your tenants have the product on hand.

Take Away

To be a real PM Investor that extends the useful life of products and is never surprised by preventable accidents, you need to do something besides agree with the premise. You need to take action on a monthly basis.

Yes, even if you’re a cheapskate… you need to spend a little money each month to save a ton of money annually. 

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